by Colonial Wound

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warren barton
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warren barton One word to describe this AMAZING! Colonial Wound are the band to keep both metaltastic eyes firmly on because they write fantastic heavy tunes. Welcome to my new fave band. Favorite track: Savior Claim.
P P Shivers
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P P Shivers Shit is dope, son!

Favorite track: Passenger to the Blur.
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released July 5, 2019

All songs written and performed by Colonial Wound
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by John Howard at War House Recordings in Gainesville, FL

Album artwork designed by awg inc.


all rights reserved



Colonial Wound Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: New Skin
Like dying in a dream
Silence louder than any voice
I never listen
Troubled by separation
Knowledge left to grasp
Lucidity in seclusion
I never listen
Acceptance of self
through isolation
The quiet room speaks
The walls breathe with me
The quiet room speaks
And I never listen
I must learn to listen
And leave room to grow
Into new skin
More of myself to know
Track Name: Necessary Fires
Ends come
Still life moves
Pained by defeat
Depart knowing more
Weakness leaves
With it, goes what you let
Light will fade
All suns burn out
Start, end, and the blur in between
No direction
Run toward what brings you peace
Start the fires
Walk away
Start the necessary fires
Feel nothing
Light will fade
Return to the site
Sift through the ash
Keep what matters most
All light will fade
All suns will burn out
Learn to feel nothing for what's left
Walk away and feel nothing
Ends come
Track Name: Instilled (interlude)
The cold chill of god in the room
The stomach drops
Pressure in the chest
Still I feel it
I'll never forget the empty feeling
You're so close
Still I feel you
Time took you to where you are
And I hate it for that
Still I feel you
And I'll never stop
Track Name: Passenger to the Blur
Slow the thought
To avail
Let it sink deep
Far past the skin
It moves through
Old and new light
Never moves
It stays there for you
Eager to be used
Sadness guides
Let it take you
Light stays on
Eager to be used
Form yourself
To what you know
Sadness guides
Let it take you
The calloused mind
Will carry its own weight
Eyes closed
Converse with myself
Inside my head
I'm better for this
A passenger to the blur
Let it take you
I'm better for this
The calloused mind will carry it's weight
Track Name: Savior Claim
Chewed and spit
To gather a taste
Familiar liar
With and all new approach
To the same claim
In a room on fire
Hatred is promised with a shit-eating grin
Works like a charm
The teeth of the machine
Tear apart what falls in
Great defeat
It's pressure felt from all angles
Within yourself, the root of the problem
Choke on all the things you've said
I hope it all feels "great again"

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